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New MANGROVE housing for Sony FDR-AX100


Aditech has unveiled the new Mangrove housing for the 4K camera Sony FDR-AX100. Shoot your films with the same professional 4K technology used Hollywood movies. Capture four times the detail of Full HD with easy one-handed operation. The housing’s front case is constructed from marine grade aluminium, machined, hard anodized and the rear case is machined from solid Delrin, it features a state of the art LANC control system that allows accessing almost all camcorder functions, including the White Balance, the external controls on the housing are linked by 12 electromagnetic pushbuttons to corresponding controls on the camera inside the case. The Mangrove housing is designed for optimal grip operation, it is depth rated to 200 meters (660 feet)

The maintenance-free electronic 12-key control makes operation even easier. It is possible to operate all camcorder functions (such as manual WB, aperture and shutter time, zoom and many others) using the electronic touch screen control. This control set is much easier to use than the mechanical controls or mechanical touch screen on competitors systems.
The housing’s sleek, ergonomic design feels like a natural extension of your hands and makes capturing that perfect video sequence fluid and easy. The Mangrove MVHS-AX100 is a universal housing, the camcorder mounts on a specially engineered universal camera tray that can be adjusted by the customer in any position in just a few minutes. Its solid build quality and elegant ergonomics make shooting underwater video a pleasure. Whether your serious about getting into video or a pro already, this housing is designed to make the experience rewarding! It is depth-rated to 200m/660 feet, making it the deepest-operating video housing on the market.
Rather than viewing the underwater world through a small viewfinder, the housing incorporates a High–Resolution TFT LCD monitor built into the back of the case that gives you a large 3.5” image; you see what the camera is recording, in full colour, while holding the housing at arm’s length. Not only will the larger image be of great assistance in composing your shots, you can instantly see the results when you change manual focus, turn on lights, or use your filter, you will also see all the status information normally displayed in your camera’s screen/viewfinder. An optional AUO 3.5" 16:9 ultra high resolution monitor can be installed instead of the standard TFT-LCD monitor, the resolution of this new AUO LCD is 2400(W) x 480(H), which is 5.5 times higher than the standard TFT-LCD, and the brightness is 500 cd/m2, twice the TFT monitor.
The in-built monitor has a hood that eliminates glare and reflections from your surrounding, which also allows viewing even in strong ambient light; furthermore the LCD screen is 25 degrees angled for enhanced viewing at arm’s length. The monitor is powered by their own Lithium batteries so they do not rob any power from the camera’s battery.
While recording XAVC S 4K movies, you cannot output movies to an external monitor via an HDMI/video connection. Only the camcorder on-screen display is output (models with the 4K functionality), in order to solve this problem, on the MVHS-AX100 the camera's large viewing screen can be seen easily using the External Mirror featured on the side of the housing.
The rearward placement of the handles is also a boon for those who suffer from Hyperopia  and Presbyopia. Rear monitor  housings can be difficult for bad eyesight sufferers and often you can see many people shooting with arms straight out to be able to focus.  A few inches does make a difference for many and the handle position allows all but the most farsighted divers to comfortably maintain relaxed arms for steady shooting.