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New Underwater Robot CCROV


The CCROV is a micro-ROV sized vehicle that has all main features inherited from larger underwater systems. It has embedded batteries in the topside tether deployment system allowing for autonomy of 1-2 hours. CCROV is the smallest ROV in the market, with dimension about 208x204x158mm. It’s easily to take everywhere in backpack or suitcase. The operate system is quite user-friendly, could easily be operated through remote control or APP. CCROV can take 4K UHD picture and video by build-in camera and 720P real-time transmission through cable


  • Portable and Ready to Dive
  • 6 Thrusters alllow 5 Degrees (axis) complete freedom of motion
  • Real time video feed sent to the operator
  • 4K Camera & 720P Live Video Transmission
  • Depth and Orientation sensors
  • 100m depth rating
  • Professional Tether Deployment System (TDS)
  • No formal training required
  • Designed for commercial use in demanding underwater application
  • Affordability, size and functionality enhances sales and profitability
  • Embedded batteries in the topside tether deployment system