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Weefine Ring Flash WF058

Manufacturer: Weefine

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A ring light with white, blue, red light and flash/strobe function! Perfect for super macro images and videos. The Weefine Ring Light 3000 is compatible with any housing with M67 threaded port. The maximum power output is 1800 lumens continuesly or 3000 lumens in flash mode.

Price: $361.00

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Weefine Ring Light-Flash WF058 for underwater macro photography compatible with any housing with M67 threaded port. The real benefit of using a ring flash is the ability to evenly light subjects in tight spaces or close proximity, when traditional strobes would prove cumbersome.


  • The Weefine ring light gives you 1800 lumens (continuously) with 4 different power levels (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%)
  • In flash mode, its maximum power is 3000 lumen, and it has 4 powers settings 100, 75, 50 and 25%
  • It can be easily mounted on any 67mm port or adapter.
  • Light swivels on mount for easy positioning.
  • The Ring Light makes for a very compact, focused light source for macro photos with any camera from compact to SLR.
  • You can evenly light very small subjects at very close distances.
  • The burn time is around 45 mins at the highest power level.
  • The power comes from one 26650 battery
  • The battery and separate charger is supplied with the Ring Light.

The Weefine ring light 3000 is best suited for super-macro, or subjects where the working distance makes it difficult to pull your external strobes or lights close enough for even lighting. The ring light improves these images and videos by producing an even lighting and softens the highlights.

The ring light gives you 1800 lumens (continuesly) with 4 different power levels (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%) and 3000 lumens in flash/strobe mode (an optional optical cable is required for the flash mode).

The ring light can be easily mounted on any 67mm port or adapter. The burn time is around 45 minutes at the highest power level. The power comes from one 26650 battery. it's already supplied in the package and it comes with a small and easy to use charger.

In addition to the  white light the Ring Light 3000 is also equipped with red and UV settings making it a very universal device for the perfect macro shot!  

Why Use a Ring Flash?

Ring flashes are best suited for super-macro, or subjects where the working distance makes it difficult to pull your external strobes in close enough for even lighting. The ring flash improves these images by producing more even lighting and softens highlights otherwise produced by awkwardly placed strobes.

There’s also a convenience factor for using the ring flash. On dives or trips when macro is your primary incentive, you can just leave the ring flash on to limit time wasted moving your strobe’s arms again and again, as is the case with traditional lighting. This leaves more time to focus on composition and creativity, and less time worrying about on strobe position.

While it is an extra financial investment and takes some time to learn, using a ring flash can actually be simpler to assemble and use than traditional strobes. With reflective-style or fiber-optic ring flashes, it’s also easy to remove the ring flash if you want to experiment with back- or side-lighting.

Using a Ring Flash

For those who love to take macro images and don’t want the hassle of constantly adjusting strobe position, a ring flash can be an indispensable tool. With the light provided in a circular pattern as close to the subject as possible, it allows the photographer to change between portrait and landscape composition without the need to constantly adjust strobe positioning.

Being lightweight and compact also allows the light to reach into cracks and holes that would otherwise be impossible with traditional strobes. This is especially important when working with shy subjects.

  • Ring flash and continuous light
  • Colors in continuous mode: white, red and blue
  • Colors in flash mode: white and blue
  • 4 video and flash powers, 100%, 75, 50% and 25%
  • 67mm compatible ports
  • Stand-alone, battery-powered
  • Burning time:
    • In continuous mode: 45 minutes at full power (100%)
    • In flash mode: Approx. 5 Hours
  • Charging time: approx. 4h if the battery is at 0
  • Max Working Depth: 100 meters / 198ft
  • Diffuse angle: 100 ° on land / 90 ° under water
  • Color temperature: between 5000 and 5500K
  • Dimensions: 123,8x 159,6x 40,6 mm
  • Battery type: 26650
  • Flash Mode: Manual
  • Maximum power
    • Continuous mode: 1800 lumens
    • Flash Mode: 3000 lumens
  • Ring Flash WF058
  • Batterie charger
  • Lithium Ion battery 26650
  • Spare O-ring
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