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Buddy Watcher Basic Set (FL10001)

Manufacturer: Buddy Watcher

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Buddy Watcher Basic Set, ideal for those who want to keep it simple. Keep in touch with your buddy via the vibration alert.

Price: $197.00

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Buddy Watcher Basic Set, ideal for those who want to keep it simple. Keep in touch with your buddy via the vibration alert.


...the water is clear, the view is seemingly endless when, suddenly, something approaches you from the distance. The silhouette turns out to be a school of barracudas. Your buddy, however, does not notice them. 

This is the perfect time to use your BUDDY-WATCHER®! 

You push the call button and in the blink of an eye your buddy’s device is going to vibrate. He looks at you and sees you pointing at the barracudas. 

This is one of many potential situations in which the BUDDY-WATCHER® comes in handy for fast and easy communication between dive buddies. 

The Basic version is primarily intended for teams of two and allows you to call your partner at the press of a button.  The button triggers a vibration alert, which can easily be sensed on wet or dry suits.

Buddy Watcher Basic Set

This version is compatible with the Master edition, which means it is able to receive calls from the Master as well as send calls to the Master device. The Basic devices themselves, however, are not able to perform the Master function.

All advantages in one place

Direct communication

Communicate directly, calling only your buddy without disturbing anyone else. The system works on the basis of ultrasound and within a radius of 80m.

Intuitive usage

At the mere push of a button you can call your buddy – and your buddy can call you. The handling is intuitive and simple, the design modern but plain, without distractions.

Vibrating alarm

It is now easy to call your buddy – especially with the vibration alarm, which is silent, easy to sense, and facilitates communication underwater.

Easy handling

Just strap the Buddy-Watcher around your arm and dive right in! The wireless link makes it particularly comfortable to wear.

Risk-minimizing system

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert – some situations require immediate attention. Whenever you lose sight of your partner or need his help: don’t panic but press the button. For a more comforting feeling underwater.

Stunning experience

Don’t miss out on any more spectacles but enjoy them with our buddy at the push of a button. For a more relaxed and intensive dive.

The device and it's functions

Setup Button

Using the set-up button you are able to pair both of your devices together.

Call Button

By pressing the call button on your BUDDY-WATCHER® your buddy’s device instantly vibrates, even when your buddy is 80 meters away. Underwater communication made fast and easy!

Vibration & LED

Diving allows you to escape from the loud, day-to-day noises of civilization and enter into a world of silence where nothing but the sound of your own breathing and the dull gurgling of water can be heard. In order not to disturb the sealife and this magical moment of tranquility, the BUDDY-WATCHER® devices communicate by using vibrations and red, glowing LEDs - no noisy acoustic signals, banging sounds or radiotelephony.

Note: The vibration can be clearly felt through all wet and dry suits.

Benefits of the BUDDY-WATCHER

  • You will not miss out an important moment underwater with your buddy
  • Ideal for the communication between buddy teams, photo- and videographers
  • Direct, fast and above all silent buddy-to-buddy communication
  • Reaches up to 80 meters underwater
  • Works in depths of up to 40 meters
  • Calls your diving partner within a distance of 80 m
  • Calls the Master-Buddy-Watcher from a distance of up to 80 m
  • Vibrating alarm for diving suits of up to 10mm
  • Suitable for dry suits (XXL bracelet required)
  • Personalized calling signal (Buddy to Buddy)
  • Flexible closure around the arm with our QuickFix bracelet
  • Break-resistant high grade plastic
  • Waterproof up to a depth of 60 m
  • Weight: 0.350 kg
  • Dimensions:  25 x 16 x 5 cm
  • 2 x Buddy-Watcher
  • 2 x bracelets (max. 30 cm arm circumference)
  • 2 x charger clips
  • 1 x USB Y charging cable
  • 1 x short manual

Important: For reasons of sustainability we do not include a USB-charger with this product. If you do require an USB-charger, you can find it in our shop.