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TTL Flash Trigger i-TURTLE for Nikon


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TRT-Electronics mini i-TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon DSLR cameras. The flash trigger plugs into the camera hotshoe and provides an optical signal for fast, continuous strobe firing.

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TRT-Electronics mini i-TTL Flash Trigger Mini Flash Trigger for Nikon DSLR cameras. The flash trigger plugs into the camera hotshoe and provides an optical signal for fast, continuous strobe firing.
Flash triggers allow motor drive shooting sequences, perfect for fast moving action. Since the popup flash is not used, the camera does not have to wait for the popup flash to recycle, meaning faster shooting, less heat buildup, and longer camera battery life. Shoot as fast as your external strobes can handle!

Optical Strobe Compatibility:

  • Inon S-2000, D-2000, Z-240, Z330
  • Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-D2, YS-110a and YS-01
  • IKELITE DS series


A lot of useful functions in one tiny device!

So tiny...

The world's smallest TTL controller for Canon and Nikon cameras. 35 mm long, 25 mm wide and 14 mm high.

So juiced…

The TURTLE is juiced up to handle 2,000 images on a single charge. And it arrives bundled with a charger that allows a full recharge within 1 hour ...

So versatile...

Should you choose cable or synchronous optical LED connections – Turtle has the connector interface to handle both options. On the rear of Turtle is a connector interface for both cable and synchronous optical LED connections. 

So multitalented...

Full TTL mode compatible with: Sea&Sea D1, D2, YS250, INON Z220, Z240, Z330, Ikelite (full series). Optical sync compatible with: Sea&Sea D1, D2, S110 Alpha and INON Z 240 ,Z330, D2000, S2000

Continuous shooting mode...

With optical flash syncronization, you can take more pictures: no more overheating problem with the built in flash, no more single images – and it also saves battery life in the camera. 

Easy flash setup...

You can easily set Turtle to communicate with your underwater strobes: just use the DIP switch on the bottom of the device (4 options cover 6 strobe brands)

Smart, small, easy...

As small as it can get, i-TURTLE is the ultimate camera-to-strobe controller device – don’t let size fool you, this little box is a hell of a beast, wait until you unleash it’s full potential!

No extra battery needed..

Forget the need of another extra battery: Turtle has it’s own inside it’s sleek package. All you need is a USB charger or anything with a USB port to charge it to full power, and it only takes an hour.


At the moment, our range of TURTLE TTL converters consist of

  • i-TURTLE and XS for Nikon systems
  • e-TURTLE for CANON systems
  • s-TURTLE for SONY MIL systems
  • o-TURTLE for Olympus/Panasonic systems

Here is the new smart i-TURTLE.

The compact flash trigger plugs into the camera hotshoe, you only need to connect the LED cable to the flash trigger and install the LEDs inside the housing.

The TURTLE for Nikon TTL converter is a unit designed for underwater photographers. It automatically sets the exposure on your strobes when the strobes fire. With our product, you don’t have to worry about setting your strobe power for each shot. You’ll get a good exposure even when your subject is moving fast. But we built in the manual setting feature to the TURTLE TTL converter so whenever you want to set the power by yourself, you can do it.

  • This adapter works with all Nikon DSLR cameras. TTL and MANUAL function. Switching is possible from the body during the dive!
  • We tested the TURTLE with these Nikon cameras: D200, D300, D5300, D7100, D7200, D500, D810, D4, D5
  • Works via sync cord cable with Sea&Sea YS-D1/D2/250, IKELITE DS series and Inon Z240 type 3,4 and Z330.
  • We also tested with LED via fiber optic cable with YS-D1,D2, Inon Z240, Z330, D2000, S2000.

If you want to connect your strobe via fiber optic cable we recommend to use multicore cable!

  • TURTLE adapter (38x25x11 mm)
  • LED adapter with the new 64 candela high power LED!  *
  • USB Charger for built-in 120 mAh Li-ion battery.

* Please contact us to choose the LED suitable for you, it depends on the housing, camera and strobe setup you use