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Manufacturer: Secon
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Even in its basic version the UWEX® 725D (combination version) is an extremely powerful and efficient underwater metal detector. A comprehensive range of accessories enables it to be enhanced in accordance with individual requirements. The large ring-type head and its detection system permit detection parameters to be achieved that are significantly superior to those from conventional detectors.

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The UWEX® 725D is a consequent further development of the well-proven UWEX® 725 K land & underwater metal detector. Improved detection performance and a wide auto-adaptation to interfering metal components characterise the new 725 design. The electronic design is based on the thousand fold proven EBEX® 420 PB mine detector in service with the British Army.

The UWEX® 725D is pressure water tested to 7 bar and comfortable to handle for the diver. It is operated by one adjuster only. UWEX® 725D can detect shallow buried minimum amount of metal mines such as A/P 72a at operational depth. Larger UXO can be located up to 1,5m depth. To increase the depth range further a UXO sensor is available.


The UWEX 725D is a highly sensitive metal search instrument for underwater and normal land use. According to the detection job it can be operated in the short or in long version. It is pressure tested up to 60 m. The operation in saltwater will not cause interference to the function of the device!
The UWEX 725D detects all type of metal including small parts of precious metals. The pressure waterproof headset gives a clear audible signal with large frequency deviation. Therefore it is easy to pinpoint the target.
Even in its basic version the UWEX® 725D (combination version) is an extremely powerful and efficient underwater metal detector. A comprehensive range of accessories enables it to be enhanced in accordance with individual requirements. The large ring-type head and its detection system permit detection parameters to be achieved that are significantly superior to those from conventional detectors.
Top of the line "all metals" hand held detector for land and water use. The most sensitive pulse detector available on the market today. Comes with a complete accessory package including everything needed for land and underwater detecting. Used by police, military, and commercial divers around the world.

EBINGER metal detectors represent trend-setting technology, reliability and prime quality in the field of underwater metal detection. The UWEX®  725 K represents the latest, most versatile underwater metal detection system. The search system can be offered in individual configurations to meet a wide range of customer needs in underwater search for objects with metal content.

The index K indicates the modular combination of different components in one set. The standard metal detector configuration can be enhanced with optional accessories not only to suit for the location minimum amounts of metal but also for deep search after UXO and large sized objects buried deep in the seabed.

All components are interchangeable between other detectors of the same kind. The large search heads expand the detection range on medium to large sized objects and supersede those of the standard detectors substantially.

The new UWEX® 725D gives improved detection performance and a wide auto-adaptation tointerfering metal components in the diving gear. The electronic circuitry can be tuned internally according to customer’s preference in detection of small or larger metal objects. Apart from the commercial version a military model is available and in service with NATO and NSN codified.

Key Features

  • Sensitive, versatile underwater detection system
  • Modular design
  • Various search heads
  • Foldable large search head
  • Detects ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Saltwater compatible

With a 60 meters depth rated housing and a 2 m (6 foot) maximum detection range, the UWEX 725D is SECON top of the line detector. It's heavy duty construction and high sensitivity make the UWEX 725D the choice of professionals everywhere. This commercial-grade metal detector is used by treasure hunters, commercial diving companies, law enforcement agencies, and military units worldwide. 

The claim-to-fame of this pulse induction detector is it's ability to ignore minerals in the environment while maintaining high sensitivity to all metal targets.  It is not affected by highly mineralized salt water, coral, rocks with a high iron content, or magnetic (black) sand; all of which drive conventional metal detectors crazy.  The UWEX 725D detects all metals from coins and jewelry, to anchors and cannons; and does it on land, or in fresh or salt water. The diver is alerted to presence of a metal target by both visual and an audio output (heard in the underwater earphone). The detection range for a target is unaffected by the medium between the detector's coil and the metal object.  Performance does not vary whether detecting through air, water, silt, sand, or solid coral.

Mode of operation

The UWEX 725D works by means of the Pulse Induction Principle (PI). The reading of interference due to conductive saltwater or ground is excluded. A selection of object size is possible. Local interference or unwanted signals from small metal scrap i.e. nails or short wires can be strongly reduced by tuning of internal adjusters. The advantages are apparently!

Constructional features

The UWEX 725D consists of a search head with joint, which is flanged to the detector handle containing the detector electronics. For normal land use or for working in underwater vegetation an extension rod can be screwed between search head and electronic cylinder.
The detector is switched into operation by rotating the handle by 180° in clockwise direction. The ear shell can be removed from the waterproof headset to suit operation with a dry diving suit.The sensitivity adjuster ring allows to tune the audio threshold.
  • Power supply: 6 x Mignon AA 1,5 V (IEC LR6)
  • Operation time:* dry battery approx. 10 h / rechargeable battery approx. 3 h
  • Temperature range: approx. -10°C to +55°C
  • Dimensions:
    • Search head: approx.  Ø 300x230 mm
    • Electronic cylinder: approx. Ø 40 x 535 mm
    • Length overall: approx. 930 mm
    • Extension rod: approx. Ø 30 x 580 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.9 kg
  • Pressure test: approx. 7 bar
  • Depth rating: 60 m 

 * Depends on the temperature and the quality of the battery / rechargeable battery used.

  • Search arrangement Ø 260 mm, electronic box
  • UW connector for headphone
  • UW earphone EB 10
  • Audible & visual alarm
  • Battery compartment and headset
  • Test piece
  • Extension rod 58 cm
  • Operation manual
SECON provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser against all defects in original workmanship and material under normal SCUBA use and service as outlined in the owner's manual for 1 year from the date of purchase, with the following exceptions and conditions:
  • This warranty does not cover rental use.
  • Should your equipment prove to be defective for any reason (other than those listed in the limitations section below) it will be repaired or replaced at SECON´s discretion, free of charge, excluding shipping and handling charges.
  • Repairs made under this warranty will not extend the warranty period
  • This warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser only.
  • All correspondence concerning this warranty must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.
  • Any flood or damage, for any reason, that is caused from flooding an O-ring sealed or water tight area will not be covered under warranty. All O-ring sealed products undergo extensive factory pressure testing before being shipped and delivered and are therefore guaranteed to be sealed and functioning when shipped from the factory.
  • SECON will not be liable for any loss, damages, or expenses including incidental or consequential damages directly or indirectly arising from the sale or use of the product.
  • All paint finishing, cosmetic discoloration of surfaces, powder coating, or material stitching that is chipped, damaged, or unthreaded through customer use is not covered in the warranty.
  • SECON does not warranty any product for aesthetic finishes. Issues with surface finish that do not affect function of the product are not covered under warranty.
  • This warranty does not apply and may be rendered completely void in the event of accidental damage, abuse, overcharging of battery, flooding due to neglect, tampering, lack of care and maintenance, improper storage, or unauthorized service.
  • This warranty specifically excludes cords, connectors, O-rings, fuses or other conditions resulting from misuse and negligence.
  • This warranty becomes void if the product components are damaged by anything other than normal recreational diving use.
  • Modifications or repair by anyone other than an authorized SECON Dealer or ADITECH Service Department will void the warranty.
  • Each product is carefully examined and checked before it is shipped. It should therefore be visually and operationally checked as soon as it is received. If it is damaged in anyway, a claim should be filed with the courier and ADITECH notified of the damage.
  • By purchasing this product you agree and understand that in no event will SECON, its distributors or retailers, be held liable for any personal injuries resulting from its operation, or any other damage whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential, even if SECON or ADITECH is advised of such damages.

NOTE: If the equipment is not covered by warranty, or if it is determined that the fault is caused by misuse, repair will be billed to the customer, and an estimate submitted for customer approval before the commencement of repairs