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Hugyfot HFN-D7500 (for Nikon D7500)

Manufacturer: Hugyfot
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The Hugyfot housing for Nikon D7500 allows to capitalize on the camera full potential and to capture amazing pictures underwater. An easy to use, highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained from years of experience. The perfect handling of the Nikon D7500 housing is possible by means of handles crafted to match the human hand and make holding the camera very comfortable even throughout long dives.

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Hugyfot HFN-D7500 Housing

An easy to use, highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained from years of experience. The perfect handling of the Nikon D7500 housing is possible by means of handles crafted to match the human hand and make holding the camera very comfortable even throughout long dives.
Easy access to all key/main camera controls by means of clearly labelled laser-engraved longlasting buttons, even with gloves and drysuit gloves. An easy and quick release camera mounting tray allows the camera positioning and a lever locks the tray inside the housing. The back door has a large window anti-scratch glass for a fine camera display and optical viewfinder view and it is entirely detached from the front body to make easier the camera fitting. External INON viewfinders can be mounted.

Standard Housing Configuration

  • HugyCheck system
  • 1 Nikonos 5-pin bulkhead
  • 2 optical oulets (for 2 fiber optical cables - cables not included)
  • 2 rigid handles with ball mount and dove tail attachment
  • Soft neoprene handle for one-hand photography (right hand side)
  • Gearwheel drive for manual zoom or focus control
  • Standard viewfinder
  • Hugyfot bayonet system for port mounting
  • Quick lock closing mechanism (latches)
  • Large window for back color LCD screen
  • Small window for top screen
  • 3 Ball mounts on top of housing and handles

Hugyfot Manufacturing 

The HFN-D7500 housing is machined out of a solid block AlMgSi1 high strength aluminum. Each housing is sanded by hand, sandblasted and finished with a hard anodisation and Teflon coating. The housing is pressure rated to 100m.

Camera Control

All Nikon D7500 camera controls can be accessed (on/off, shutter release, shutter speed, aperture, program dial, main dial, push buttons, lens release).

Ports and Extension Rings

Depending on the lens being used, different Hugyfot ports and extension rings are available. Please check our port charts in order to determine which port and extension ring you need for a specific lens. The removable port is fitted thanks to markers and a bayonet connection to the Nikon D7500. The interchangeable port bodies and extensions rings combine to allow the use of most of lenses on the market for maximum versatility and performance.

The housing can be equipped with the Hugyfot:
- flat ports
- wide angle ports
- fish eye dome
- extension rings
- adapters that allow the use of other manufacturers’ ports

External Strobes

The housing for Nikon D7500 offers the possibility to use external strobes via two standard optical light ports as well as one Nikonos sync cord bulkhead. This allows for easy mounting of any strobe and lighting set up.

Your housing is equipped with 2 fiber optic connector ports on top of the housing. These ports are compatible with Sea & Sea and Inon fiber optic cable systems. The plug at the end of a Sea & Sea or Inon fiber optic cable fits in the fiber optic connector ports on top of the housing. When using this system, the internal strobe must be popped up so it can trigger the external strobe by sending its light through the fiber optic cable. The hot shoe inside the camera cannot be used when fiber optic cables are being used. You can unplug the camera hot shoe cable and store the hot shoe.

Construction and Safety

Only the best materials are used to manufacture our housings such anodized aluminum, which is anticorodal and thermo-coated, and stainless steel. A longlasting product that requires easy and simple maintenance by the user. Dual high-quality O-Ring seals protect and ensure a perfect and secure watertight for all movable and removable parts; a red alarm for humidity/water inside the housing is powered by a battery replaceable by the user. Working depth 100 metres. Different accessories can be fitted by means of 25m ball mouts positioned on upper side of the housing and on the handles.

HugyCheck pre-dive check system

Your Hugyfot underwater housing is equipped with the genuine HugyCheck pre-dive check system. Introduced in 2008, this system has constantly proven its value and has been improved continuously. The latest version now comes with even more functionality. The HugyCheck system is a pre-dive check system that allows you to check prior to the dive whether the housing has been closed properly and whether the O-rings are in good condition. A vacuum pump will create a slight under pressure inside the housing which can be monitored by means of an LED pressure indicator.

Leakage Alarm

The mini-HugyCheck circuit board is equipped with a leakage alarm which is triggered by a humidity sensor (located at the bottom of the housing). In case of water entry, beeps will sound, the green LED will be switched off and will be replaced by a rapidly blinking red LED.


Your Hugyfot housing comes with a standard viewfinder which is depth rated to 100m (150m with an optional spring up-grade). Your housing can also be equipped with an INON straight or 45° viewfinder. Both viewfinders offer a larger magnification of the camera viewfinder image and are depth rated to 70m.

  • Signature black anodized aluminum body
Ergonomic side handles
  • 2x fiber optic connectors
  • 1x electrical sync cord Nikon 5-pin bulkhead
  • Back housing completely detachable from the front housing

  • Tray with lock for an easy fitting of the camera
Aluminum buttons and dials with engraved symbols identical to camera controls
  • All camera controls are external
  • Wide back display viewfinder glass
  • Optical viewfinder
  • Dual O-Ring seals on all buttons and removable parts
  • Moisture sensor with LED and audible indicator (replaceable battery)
  • Removable port system
  • Wide, rubber covered feet for solid footing
  • External INON viewfinders can be mounted
  • Depth rated to 100 metres
  • Weight: 2.700 gr
  • Dimensions: 
    • Width: 220 mm
    • Height: 230 mm
    • Length: 130 mm
  • Hugyfot HFN-D7500 housing (without port)
  • Front cap
  • Grips, (left and right hand)
  • Hand vacuum pump
  • Spare main O-ring
  • Container of O-ring lubricant
  • Owner manual
Hugyfot provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser against all defects in original workmanship and material under normal SCUBA use and service as outlined in the owner's manual for 2 years from the date of purchase, with the following exceptions:
  • This warranty does not cover commercial or rental use.
  • Should your housing prove to be defective for any reason (other than those listed in the limitations section below) it will be repaired or replaced at Hugyfot´s discretion, free of charge, excluding shipping and handling charges.
  • Repairs made under this warranty will not extend the warranty period
  • This warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser only.
  • All correspondence concerning this warranty must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.
  • Any flood or damage, for any reason, that is caused from flooding an O-ring sealed or water tight area will not be covered under warranty. All O-ring sealed products undergo extensive factory pressure testing before being shipped and delivered and are therefore guaranteed to be sealed and functioning when shipped from the factory.
  • Hugyfot nor ADITECH will not be liable for any loss, damages, or expenses including incidental or consequential damages directly or indirectly arising from the sale or use of the product.
  • Hugyfot accepts no liability for any loss of captured images or the inability to capture images even if it is due to the malfunctioning or leakage of the housing.
  • All paint finishing, cosmetic discoloration of surfaces, powder coating, or material stitching that is chipped, damaged, or unthreaded through customer use is not covered in the warranty.
  • Nauticam does not warranty any product for aesthetic finishes. Issues with surface finish that do not affect function of the product are not covered under warranty.
  • This warranty does not apply and may be rendered completely void in the event of accidental damage, abuse, overcharging of battery, flooding due to neglect, tampering, lack of care and maintenance, improper storage, or unauthorized service.
  • This warranty specifically excludes lenses, cords, HDMI connectors, O-rings, or other conditions resulting from misuse and negligence.
  • This warranty becomes void if the housing components are damaged by anything other than normal recreational diving use.
  • Modifications or repair by anyone other than an authorized Hugyfot Dealer or ADITECH Service Department will void the warranty.
  • By purchasing this product you agree and understand that in no event will Hugyfot, its distributors or retailers, be held liable for any personal injuries resulting from its operation, or any other damage whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential, even if Hugyfot or ADITECH is advised of such damages.