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Discover the Paralenz Vaquita, it looks and feels like regular dive gear, is easy to use, extremely durable and makes 4K quality recordings. Out of the box and into the Ocean, no extra housing or filters needed. Easy to handle, easy to mount, even with gloves on. Designed to dive up to 350m and with +3h running time. Vaquita now automatically tracks the conductivity, temperature, depth, and location (GPS) during your dive. This helps you to revisit your dive, and scientists around the world to learn even more about the Ocean.

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Discover the Paralenz Vaquita, it looks and feels like regular dive gear, is easy to use, extremely durable and makes 4K quality recordings. Out of the box and into the Ocean, no extra housing or filters needed. Easy to handle, easy to mount, even with gloves on. Designed to dive up to 350m and with +3h running time.

Key Features

  • No filters - true colors without lights
  • No Housing - no plastic in the ocean
  • Made of Military grade aluminum 6061
  • Depth Rating 350 meter / 1148 feet
  • Extended battery life +3.5 hrs
  • 4K Video
  • Easy to handle. Easy to mount. Even with gloves on.
  • Designed to dive with +3h battery life

Here’s a quick summary of the camera upgrades:
  • Better video quality: Capture Ocean life in all its details. Paralenz Vaquita’s updated technology delivers the smoothest and most vivid underwater videos up to 4K (4k 60fps / 1080p 240fps).
  • True Color OLED display: keep a real-time overview of what you’re recording on the Paralenz Vaquita’s new True Color OLED screen. It also displays your dive profile along with the current depth and temperature information.
  • Packed with sensors: collect data about the depth, temperature, conductivity (saltiness of the water), and location (GPS) to learn more about your dives. Additionally, Vaquita features a gyroscope for better image stabilization, as well as an accelerometer for more precise localization.
  • Connect to the Paralenz App: Access an intelligent dive log and a media library that automatically organizes all your footage neatly. Create a story to share your dive highlights with friends – or get inspired by fellow divers!

Packed for impact.

Vaquita is smarter, faster and even easier to use. Get excited for better quality video with smaller file sizes, a live viewfinder, automatic geo-referenced footage for simpler organization, and new sensors for comprehensive data collection to help save our Ocean. Our new True Color OLED display enables you to always keep an overview during your explorations with a live viewfinder and real-time dive profile.


Brand new True Color OLED display

One of the most striking changes is the new 0.95” True Color OLED Display, which replaces the Dive Camera+’s 0.65” black & white OLED display – it has 4-times the resolution!
With the Vaquita, you will be able to frame your shot more precisely as the OLED display works both as a live viewfinder and as your settings hub. Additionally, the initial firmware supports a simple dive overlay to the viewfinder, displaying information about the current depth and temperature on to the screen. In the future, we will have much more helpful information that can be displayed on the OLED screen.

Intelligent Color Correction

Take back all those vivid colors you remember from your dive up to the surface. Paralenz Vaquita’s patented depth-controlled color correction (DCC) automatically adjusts the white balance of your recording to the depth you’re diving at.
Compared to the use of filters, our built-in color correction allows for all the light to be collected. Thanks to the power of the new Ambarella processor, we are constantly optimizing our color correction together with you.
The Paralenz Vaquita features an improved, now fully automatic DCC (Depth-Controlled Correction). The camera got smart enough to detect blue or green water by itself and adjust the colours of your recorded footage accordingly. No more blue or green tinted footage – just the true colours of the Ocean.

Now up to 4K 60fps: Better footage, smaller file sizes

Paralenz Vaquita allows you to record either in 4K 60fps, 4K HDR 30fps, or 1080p 240fps. This is a big step up from the Dive Camera+ which supported 4K 30fps, 1080p 100fps, and 720p 200fps.
This means that your recordings will be much smoother and more detailed. The 1080p 240fps mode enables you to create stunning slow-motion videos thanks to the high framerate.
Can’t wait to record in 4K? We have some great news: the Vaquita uses the HEVC (H.265) codec instead of the H.264 which the Dive Camera+ supported. This means, your file sizes will significantly smaller while still preserving the dynamic range of your recordings.
We have also built in a new chipset, the Ambarella H2s65, and a new image sensor, the Sony IMX577 into our camera. The new processor is way faster using 64 bit processing instead of 32 bit. The new image sensor is larger than before, which means that more light gets captured resulting in better footage, even with deeper dives.

Auto-Recording: More diving, less worrying

There is no more need to manually start your recording. Adjust your preferred depth level at which the Paralenz Vaquita automatically starts and stops recording.

More sensors for more data around your dive – including GPS

The Paralenz Vaquita is the only underwater camera to be filled with unique sensors. Building up on the Dive Camera+’s temperature and depth sensor, we did not only tweak those to be even more precise, we also added a location sensor (GPS), a conductivity sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.
The GPS sensor enables you to track the location of your favourite dive spots and easily find your way back. Just connect your Vaquita to the Paralenz App to access this information.
The conductivity sensor basically reads the salinity of the water you’re diving in. While this information might not be that interesting when revisiting your dives, it’s a valuable metric for marine researchers.
Did you know? Everytime you share a dive on the Paralenz App, you can decide to share Ocean data which the Vaquita’s sensors log to scientists worldwide.

Updated lens angle

The lens angle of the Paralenz Vaquita is different from our previous model, the DiveCamera+. We have decided to introduce a new lens to further improve the low-light performance of our camera and to ensure a more natural recording perspective when shooting objects at more than 3 meters distance.

New end cap design

The Paralenz Vaquita features a new end cap design. The new mechanism ensures that the electronics are kept safe from water entering – no matter the depth you’re diving in. In the future, the new end cap design will enable us to attach different accessories in the future.

Built for the size of your hand

Vaquita’s high-grade aluminum body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be easily operated with neoprene gloves. You can also attach it to your mask or to your gear.

Dive Buddies: The Camera and the App

Connect your Paralenz Vaquita to our free Paralenz App to transfer your recordings. Check your dives with the intelligent dive log and scroll through your media library. Proud of a shot? Simply edit it and share the video as a story with other divers. The best part: you help save our Ocean with every shared story.
Your camera tracks the location of your dives, and real-time depth and temperature. Watch them over and over again — all within the dive log and the integrated media library.
Unlock your camera's full potential with the Paralenz App. Our intelligent dive log and media library organizes all your footage neatly — and ready for final touches through our intuitive editing tool.
Easily select all highlights from your dive footage and bring them to life with our intuitive editing tool.


  • Waterproof: 350M / 1148FT
  • Sensors:
    • Pressure (Depth)
    • Temperature
    • Location (GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS)
    • Conductivity
    • Gyroscope
    • Accelerometer
  • Battery: LiPo-2000 mAh
    • 3+ hrs recording (1080p – 30 fps)
    • 2+ hrs recording (4K – 30 fps)
  • App:
    • Realtime
    • Depth & temperature
    • Dive overviews
    • Sharing
    • Settings (iOS & Android)
  • Usable with gloves: Yes
  • Weight: 240g (100g underwater)
  • Dimensions: 128 x 40 x 43mm / 5 x 1.5 x 1.7”
  • Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum, Titanium screws
  • Extra Housing needed: No
  • Port: USB-C (for fast charging)
  • Storage: 128 GB Micro SD-card (Class: U3 or V30)
  • Mounts: Mask mount included, Universal mount included
  • Connectivity:
    • WiFi 2.4G (5Ghz) Easy-Pairing (app connection)
    • Bluetooth
    • USB 2.0 Socket C
  • Display: 0.95” True Color OLED / Resolution: 180x120p
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 85°C, -4°F to 185°F
  • EVA padding (minimizing battery discharge in cold water)


  • Video Resolution:
    • 4k - 60 fps
    • 4k - HDR 30 fps
    • 1080p - 240 fps
  • Video Format: MOV – H.264 @ 4K 60 fps, H.265 @ 4K 30 fps
  • Video Bitrate: 100 Mbps
  • Still Resolution: 12 MP RAW + JPG
  • Audio Recording: Yes (internal microphone)
  • Image stabilization: EIS 4K 30 fps (electronic image stabiliser)
  • Shockproof: Yes
  • Dive Log Video Overla: Yes
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.5" sensor size manufactured by Sony
  • Lens Focal length: 2.66 mm/16 mm.
  • Equivalent FOV:
    • Diagonal 135°
    • Vertical: 57°
    • Horizontal: 110°
  • Minimum Focal Distance: 20 cm - infinity
  • ISO Range: Auto / 100-800

Important SD-card information

It is crucial to use one of the following 3 supported SD-cards, that are compatible with the Paralenz Dive Camera, and have been tested to perform well:
  • Sandisk Extreme Series
  • Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series
  • Sandisk Extreme PRO Series
(Please note that Samsung micro-SD cards and SD-cards of other brands are NOT compatible with the Paralenz Dive Camera.)
Sandisk U3 Micro SD-card (Not included)
  • PARALENZ® Vaquita
  • 1x Click Mount
  • 1x USB-C Cable (for fast charging)
  • 3 x spare O-rings
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x Travel bag
  • 1x spare magnets