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i-Dive Symbiosis SS-2

Manufacturer: i-Torch

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

The Symbiosis SS-2 is basically a strobe, with a high-end video light mounted on the top part of it. The battery is shared between the two light elements, and the brains inside allow you to control everything through one unique and user-friendly panel on the back. If you’re interested in shooting both videos and stills, and don’t want to overload yourself with too many lights, chargers and mounts, the Symbiosis is a terrific choice! Excellent quality light, great features, user-friendly and affordable.

Price: $699.00 $839.00

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Up until the release of the I-Torch Symbiosis, underwater lights were divided into two types – Strobes or constant LED video lights. The Symbiosis is a bold attempt to combine the two and create a single all-in-one light.

Most photographers who wish to combine videos and photos underwater, usually need to compromise by getting one strobe and one video light, or just one video light on the top mount / cold shoe mount. Some use triple clamps to add video lights on the elbows of their strobe arms, which is a bit clumsy and quite heavy.

The Symbiosis is basically a strobe, with a high-end video light mounted on the top part of it. The battery is shared between the two light elements, and the brains inside allow you to control everything through one unique and user-friendly panel on the back.

A complete Underwater Lighting System (patent pending) for UW photography and videography, user upgradable LED head and Battery pack. The name Symbiosis means interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. Yes you are right, video and strobe in one body, and they can work separately or together, and most importantly you can always have up-to-date video light, the LED head is user upgradeable and can be used as a stand alone video light.

The LED technology is very quickly developing, the max intensity (lumens) and efficiency (lumen/W) of LED can be doubled after 1 year. The life cycle for all-in-one integrated products will be too short. Therefore the LED Light head must be designed as an individual module and be changeable by user and they can upgrade anytime when there is new LED Light Heads available. So they can always maintain the setup in top of the range with limited re-investment in the equipment.

Other than the intensity of the LED itself, also for different usage of the LED lights. For example, normal focusing light (1000 lumens), UV light (6-18W), snoot Flexible video light (5-8 degrees narrow beam), high power wide angle video light (5000 lumens) and normal macro video light (2500 lumens) all with different design so there will be many different kinds of lights to fit different conditions.

Photographers can build on demand (purchase difference kinds of module according to their needs) before go into the water will be a definitely advantage. So all in one with “BOD” build on-demand feature can fit most of the photographers’ needs. 


  • SS-2 with 2000 lumens LED Video head shown
  • Guide Number GN 34
  • Color Temperature 5600K
  • Beam Angle 90 x 80 (Diffuser 100 x 100)
  • Battery 14.8V Li Battery (50Wh)
  • Number Of Flashes +/- 800
  • Re-cycle Time 0.8s
  • Manual Flash Mode 15 levels
  • Video Light 10 Steps Brightness Control
  • Battery Temp Protection √
  • Light Head Temp Protection √
  • Flash Head Temp Protection √
  • Repetitive Flash Protection √
  • Synchronizing Learning √
  • Auto-power Off √


The build quality is excellent. The light unit feels very sturdy, and controls are soft and easy to handle. The light head on the top is based on the I-Torch Venom series, which is a very high-end light and one of my personal favorites. The battery is a twist off and protected with 2 O-rings for optimal sealing of the light head. To charge the unit you simply remove the battery and connect it to the charger.

The light itself in not small, nor light, but keeping in mind that it includes both the flash and video light unit in one, it’s not too bad! It’s only slightly larger than the YS-D2 and lighter than the Ikelite DS-161 for example.

By default, a YS mount is included on the bottom of the strobe, but a ball mount is also available. This should enable you to mount it on any ball & joint or flex arm tray system. My personal recommendation would be ball & joint, since most flex arms won’t be strong enough to hold this light steady.

Modes of operation 

  • The Symbiosis includes LED, M, A1, A2 and Off. The last mode is quite self explanatory so lets review the rest:
  • LED mode – Only the video light is on, the strobe is off. You can control the power of the LED with the power dial on the right.
  • M mode – This turns on the strobe on fully manual. You can set the power output with the power dial.
  • A1 and A2 modes – These are semi automatic modes. The idea is that you calibrate your camera settings and the mode dial to get a well-exposed shot, then once you’re happy with it, you can change your distance to the subject within the limits of the illustration and the strobe will adjust the power automatically using the light sensor integrated in the front.
  • A1 is for medium / long shots (0.5m – 2m) and A2 is for close-ups / macro shots (0.2m – 0.5m).

Strobe Specifications

  • Guide Number GN 34
  • Color Temperature 5600K
  • Weight 1050g (50g UW)
  • Beam Angle 90 x 80 (Diffuser 100 x 100)
  • Battery 14.8V Li Battery (50Wh)
  • Number Of Flashes 700+
  • Manual Flash Mode 15 levels
  • Re-cycle Time 2s
  • Mode Rotary Knob Off / Manual flash / Auto 1 flash / Auto 2 flash / Light
  • Level Rotary Knob Step-less rotary knob

Video Light Specifications

  • White Light 
  • Color Temperature 5700K
  • CRI 8Red Light XP-E x 3
  • Luminus Flux 500/1000/2000 lm
  • Beam Angle 100 Deg
  • 10 Steps Brightness Control
  • Light Mode White 10~100% Red 10~100%
  • Light Auto-Off when flash fired

Additional Features

  • Test / Learn Button 
  • Light Mode Button 
  • Focusing Light White Light / Red Light
  • Battery Temp Protection 
  • Light Head Temp Protection 
  • Flash Head Temp Protection 
  • Repetitive Flash Protection 
  • Synchronizing Learning
  • I-Torch SS-2 Strobe
  • Battery B1498 
  • Battery charger CH4-2A 
  • LED lighting head I-Torch 2000 lm
  • Flash diffuser 
  • YS arm support 
  • Ball arm support 25mm alu 
  • Key to remove the light head from the strobe
  • Spare O-ring
  • Silicone grease for O-ring
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